How to make miniature Christmas wreaths

There’s nothing quite as cosy as an afternoon of Christmas crafts, finding creative ways to wrap presents and decorate the house without single-use plastic, glitter or bows. Here’s my festive guide to making natural miniature wreaths to embellish your walls and presents.

In the bottom of every jewellery box, I expect to find a jumble of old bangles – shiny and round but chipped and unloved. These neglected pieces of jewellery can be transformed into beautiful, miniature wreaths and make for an inexpensive, zero-waste Christmas decoration or gift. Fasten onto wrapped presents in place of glittery bows, or hang on walls for a natural, yet festive, decoration.

You Will Need
  • A selection of small dried flowers and grasses
  • An old bangle or embroidery hoop – any spare circular hoop you can find
  • <20cm florist or jewellery wire
  • 10cm ribbon or string
  • Round nose pliers (non-essential but very handy)
  1. Put together three or four stems of grass or dried flowers.
  2. Pinch the stems on top of the bangle and wrap around a 2cm section of wire.
  3. Repeat steps one and two, leaving an even distance between the flowers.
  4. Once you’ve filled the bangle, you can slot in extra stems to fill out the gaps.
    Why not try adding in different flowers to create different moods? Gypsophilia adds a beautiful snowy effect.
  5. Finish off with a piece of ribbon or string.
I have a few of these for sale, if you’re interested please use the contact form below. 100% of sales will go to the UN Refugee Agency. Recommended donation £17

Thinking hat christmas wreath

Originally published with Eco-Age


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