Capsule Collection, fluff jackets

Fluff, my greatest wearable obsession.

Unfortunately for most students, Shrimps and Charlotte Simone are a lot out of our budget, and TDS Hawarden a little too. So I’ve sourced a feathery alternative. It’s cropped, light, and oh-so fluffy.

Here’s the online shop for my first mini collection of PANDA fluff jackets.


thinking hatt.JPGthinking hatt charcoal.JPGIMG_0210.JPG

Keeping to my enthusiasm for flower pressing, I’ve added dainty rose petal labels. They look great draped across your room once you’ve unwrapped your purchase.


IMG_0229That’s not all the news, though.
Setting up an online shop and sourcing the jackets has been such a fun project, but I’ve decided to combine the creativity with charity. Due to the global refugee crisis and learning about the harsh truths of refugee status at Uni, 50% of the profits from the collection are going straight to fund essential aid and food for refugees in northern France, via  Calais Refugee Solidarity in Bristol.





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